Alejandra with Gustavo photo

A face and a name associated all over the world with Argentine Tango. Alejandra Mantiñan has been immersed in tango over the past 40 years. She is generally regarded to have been the pioneer in creating supreme excellence in the execution of the female role in tango. Alejandra is one of the women who has not only set the standard for her dancing, but also for her intensive research and teaching methods. She has taken part in almost every important festival in the world. According to a survey of the most popular tango magazine "The Tangueta", Alejandra Mantiñan is the woman of "Los piez milagrosos" (the miraculous feet) and is the most nominated dancer among participants of the World Tango Championship.




      She began dancing at the age of 8 in the Escuela Nacional de Danza where after 10 years she earned the "Maestra Nacional de Danza" diploma while at the age of 17, she entered the "Ballet de Danza Contemporanea" by Soledad Fernandez laboratories at San Martin Theater. In 1988, in parallel with her artistic career, she started studying in the university of medicine (UBA) where she regularly attended courses, specializing in traumatology and rehabilitation, and acquiring specific know-how in motor science, which is now an integral part of her teaching method ATM focusing on Biomechanics. Her innovative pedagogical method ATM can be used in every style, Tango Salon, Milonguero, or the more new tendencies of the evolving Tango Dance.

      She took classes mainly with Mingo & Ester Pugliese, and Antonio Todaro (one of the most creative tango dancers who loved inventing long, sharp, and complex sequences of flashy steps is still seen in many famous professional tango dancers today) to whom she ended up being his assistant for five years. It was then that she started delving into the secrets of tango and from his style she was inspired to develop her Tango technique. Apart from Todaro, the most important information for women came from Ester Pugliese and Marijo Alvarez who are the only two female teachers that she accepts as a reference point in her career and changed completely her point of view on the couple. The former is about the line of Tango and the latter for the biomechanics part.

      For 8 years together with Gustavo Russo, were the principal dancers of the show “Tango Pasión”, covering 340 cities all over the world, performing in the most important and prestigious theaters such as Sistina Theater in Rome, Broadway Theater in New York City, Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, Champs Elisee Theater in Paris, Cremlino Theater in Moscow, St.Petersburg's Opera, Monaco Theater, Berlín Philharmonic to mention just a few. She was given glowing reviews worldwide, singled out for special mention by the New York Times in the Broadway premiere of “Tango Pasión”. She had the honor to perform with the live orchestras of Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Salgan, Mariano Mores, Jose Basso and Sexteto Mayor. Other notable tango shows that Alejandra has participated in was "Tango Danza", "Tango X2", "A night of Tango" and "Tango Seducción". Alejandra has also served as a top judge for the Tango Mundial competition as well as many other competitions from around the world such as the Asian Tango Championship, and the European Tango Championship.

      Until today, she had the pleasure to share the dance floor with some of the most influential and inspiring tango dancers such as Juan Carlos Copes, Osvaldo Zotto, Pablo Veron, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli, Gabriel Missè, Leandro Oliver, Martin Ojeda, Horacio Godoy, Fabian Salas, Mariano Otero, Guillermo Salvat, Omar Ocampo, Juan Corvalan, Gaspar Godoy, Pancho Martinez Pay and Aoniken Quiroga with whom she has participated in most of the International festivals since 2008.